We believe that hostels have two important roles, not catered for by hotels, guest houses or any other short-term accommodations:

Role 1: Sociability.

Travellers of all ages, from many different countries, with many different professions and interests, all come together for the night in one residence. What a brilliant opportunity to meet such a range of great people!

Inveraray Hostel has a cosy sitting room which,  combined with the dining room and kitchen, provides optimal opportunities for guests to meet, chat and plan their onward travels. We do not have a TV, and we encourage activities that everyone can join in.

Also our hostel is self-catering, enabling people not just to eat economically, but also to meet while they are cooking, and when they sit down together at our communal tables to eat.

Role 2: A place for solo travellers

Many people travel as couples or pairs, others as families or in groups. All these travellers have a wide choice of places to stay, and most have companionship on their journeys.

But what about solo travellers? After spending their daytime independently, they may look forward to some social contact in the evening, but what do they often find? Loneliness! Moreover, in most accommodations, they have to pay more than anyone else. Only in hostels can they pay the same price as others, and also have the opportunity to meet and get to know other travellers.

Inveraray Hostel is especially solo-friendly — We have a welcoming open-plan area where anyone may be drawn into a discussion or activity. We always have room for some solo travellers; that means, we limit the size of groups, and we do not allow groups to take over the whole hostel (during the open season).


We have a strong belief in the equality of all people.  This implies that we do not give discounts to groups, because that would be unfair on our solo guests. Or to put another way, the price of £17 is our discount price for a bed in a shared room, and all guests are eligible for this price!


The German hostels have invented a scheme for hostels who promise that booking with them is always as cheap or cheaper than booking on any other site. We subscribe to this –if you book on our website or by email or telephone to us, this is the cheapest rate that you will get!

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