Our Team

Peter Wright bought Inveraray Hostel from the SYHA in 2013 in order to save it as a hostel. His aim is simple: to develop an excellent independent hostel! Peter first hostelled with a friend in Swaledale at age 14 (this would now be illegal!). He believes that hostels should do what they always should have done: provide cheap, social and simple accommodation for solo and small group travellers. As larger hostelling organisations move to cater for more commercial markets, Peter wants Inveraray to remain a place for travellers of all kinds to relax and generally have a good time.

With the valuable support and expertise of Diana and Kevin Campbell-Wright, Inveraray has become a successful hostel.


We would like to thank everybody who has contributed in some way or another to the development and running of the hostel, including volunteers, friends and staff. Many thanks for your time, energy and encouragement! With special thanks to –

Zuzana, Neil, Jan and Eric Novitzky, Helen Henshaw and husband Tony, Peter Furness, Sarah Wilson, Serena Romeo, Nika Oblak & Simon Neal


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